Forget me not and fun in the park

Mom agreed to take a little walk in our park with us. The flowers are out and the birds are singing, which means only one thing - we had fun.  In our local park we met carpet of beautiful blue flowers forget me not. They are such cute as a blue sky.  While Mom listened to the little blackbird chirping, we quickly picked up some trash left on the park path. Next time we'll bring gloves and a bag to clean up some more rubbish. On the way we saw people exercising in the park and running. Some of them were very tired. We followed them a few steps to see how they exercise. We found a place by the pond where ducks swim. Some of peaople were smiled.     Sleeping ducks in the park    Running people in the park Forget me not flowers   At the end we had a quick round on the equipment in the park. Next time we will show you how we cleaned the rubbish , just keep it secret.  Up to next time /|\(◦.◦)/|\    
 So we have finally a nice and sunny day and we decided to pait some of the stones. We like painting and we asked our mum to help. That was so great fun! We painted a bird, mandala, heart, ladybird, tree of life, fox and butterfly. Some of those stones are in the garden now. We placed them in the flowers pots and in special places, so next time when we come to the garden, we will have a look around and try to find stones.  In the meantime we made a bug house from old pot and some wooden sticks, moss, and tree bark. The bug house is in the garden now and we hope the small insects will like it too. 

A sound mind in a sound body

/|\(◦.◦)/|\ We wondering if you are fit and could lift this         Thank you for watching our video.  


 Today we will present you some of our friends and family and show you what we do or like.  We wish to have more birds around us. We like watching them while they fly in the sky, coming to our garden or are near the school. And this is our art when you can see one of us with a little bird and even the jumper has a bird logo. ✌πŸ˜„ Our friends and we like to play together outside and we like same things, drawing, movies, books, birds and other animals.  This is one of us.  And here is our new project.  This is a glass bottle we used from marple syrup, which is painted with the clouds and sun. We think to give it to charity shop so they can sell it and make some money.  We have more different bottles to paint and we love it.   Have a lovely day.🌷🐦


 I am making a moonlight  With three crosses and some bushes  There is going to be a person  In the background  But sadly walking By Me

WISH ball and museum of Scotland

  Hello everyone! We have not been here for some time.  We want to share that we had a great time in Edinburgh and we went to National Museum of Scotland. This was exhausted walk over the 6 floors. We liked ancient Egypt, Adventure Planet gallery, technology exhibition and our favourite was Animal World.  In the main gallery we met fairy and grasshopper on stilts and they gave us a ,,wish'', a magic ball which growing while you say a wish in your mind. It is growing slowly but growing. πŸ˜„     Next we went to Botanical Garden but most of the time was raining there. We like the rockery garden and we have seen the squirrel and red robin. They have a lot of daffodils and trees.  When we come back home we wanted make our own mini garden and we used the old carton from eggs and old jogurt cup. Next we sawed wild flowers to small pot and at the end we cut the flower from old tea carton and added toothpick to it  and this is our miniature wild flowers garden. You can make the same.   

Scottish fluffy cows

 We have been quiet a little bit, because we went to Edinburgh and on the way we met the  fluffy cows with huge curved horn and a big big eyes. 😎 It was hard to get to the top of the hill where those cows live. Some of us  give up and had plenty of the stops on the way -  first time on the bench, next on the ground and next they beg to come back from the hill. πŸ˜‚And it weren`t we but our parents.  We have been very close to the cows and they were friendly and nice.  Lots of people walked there too and wanted see the cows. One man who was jogging tried hug this cow below.